Jacob Andrén, Director

Jacob Andrén has been studying film at Fridhem’s school of film. His degree project in school won the Pixel festival’s jury price in 2006. After graduation he moved to Malmö where he started his own production company Accordionfilm. He has directed quite a number of short-, commercial and informational films and have worked as a pedagogue in film schools in Sweden.

Helena Nygren, Director, Cinematographer

Helena has a past as a musician, art director and journalist. Since 2002, after studying to be a TV-producer at Nordic documentary school, she works as a filmmaker with her own production company Sann Film. She has her steady focus on social and arty documentary projects and is mostly collaborating with musicians and artists. She also works as a consultant for several media educations around Sweden and holds lectures in film, works as a photographer, journalist and with graphic design. As you can understand from reading the above, she is doing more than one thing at a time. All the time.

Margarete Jangård, Producer

Margarete Jangård has worked as a producer for documentary films for over six years and has been in the media business for 20 years. Before she started at WG Film she worked as a freelancer in feature films and on SVT Drama and with commercial/information films. She is also a 2005 EAVE graduate. Margarete has produced many of the previous productions on WG Film for the last years. Most recent releases are BANANAS!* (Feature documentary), The Leftovers (Short documentary) and Milkbar (Documetary).

Fredrik Gertten, Producer

Fredrik Gertten is a director and producer and was one of the founders of the production company WG film. He is a foreign correspondent and columnist and has worked for radio, TV and newspapers in Africa, Latin America, Asia and around Europe. He combines filmmaking with a role as a creative producer to documentary films shown in TV, theatres and festivals all over the world. He has produced most of WG Films documentaries, most recently he co-produced the high-profile film Burma VJ. He is also the director behind BANANAS!*.

Top screenings

Nordisk Panorama
Bergen, Norway

Stockholm Filmfestival Junior
Stockholm, Sweden

Toronto, Canada

BUFF Filmfestival
Malmö, Sweden

Tempo Dokumentärfilmsfestival
Stockholm, Sweden
2010.03.10 - 2010.03.14

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