Jacob Andrén

Jacob is not an activist nor is he a specialist in environmental issues, he is just a young man who once bought a piece of rainforest and want to know if it's still standing. During his journey he gets more enlightened about what's threatning the rainforest. And therefore more uncertain that his forest still exists. Jacob gets to meet the people who have dedicated their life to save it, and learns that the deforestation not only affects the local population, but also his own future.

Father Andres Tamayo

Father José Andrés Tamayo Cortez is a charismatic
Catholic priest leading the struggle for environmental
justice in Honduras. He directs the Environmental
Movement of Olancho (MAO), a coalition of subsistence
farmers and community and religious leaders who are
defending their lands against uncontrolled commercial logging.
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Daniel Janzen

Daniel Janzen is an evolutionary ecologist, naturalist, and
conservationist. He divides his time between his professorship
in biology at the University of Pennsylvania and his research
and field work in Costa Rica, where he is the head of a
long-term project: Area de Conservación Guanacaste

one of the most successful restoration projects in the world.
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Eha Kern

Eha Kern, a teacher from Sweden who in 1987 started
Barnens regnskog (Children’s Rainforest) after being
persuaded to do it by school children. The organisation
collects a few million SEK every year, used to save the
rainforest in Central America from deforestation, and to
teach the importance of preserving the rainforest.

Antonio Ruiz

Antonio Ruiz is the director of the environmental organization
Fundación del Rio (The River Foundation) and a member of the
anti-mining action network of the Rio San Juan Watershed.

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