Barnens regnskog (Children's rainforest) is a Swedish non-profit organization, founded by Eha Kern in 1987, that only co-operates with organizations that are well established within the local population and the countries governments. The organization must have specific programs for purchasing of rainforest, working on environmental education among the local population, regional development and afforestation. All purchases of rainforest from private owners must be done voluntary and in full agreement. Residents in the area may stay if they wish. Those who sell their forests are using the money to buy more land or start a small business, which will increase their quality of life. The forest will be registered as a reserve and the local organization becomes legal landowners. Save forest on

The Area de Conservación Guanacaste (ACG) is 120,000 terrestrial hectares and 43,000 marine hectares of permanently conserved, government owned and managed wild lands in northwestern Costa Rica ran by Daniel Janzen. It began in 1971 with the goal of restoring and conserving an entire tropical dry forest ecosystem. Aims of the project: The two primary goals of the ACG from its inception were first to set in place the full scale restoration of an entire dry tropical forest ecosystem, and second to insure that its wildland biodiversity survives into the indefinite future through the integration of the ACG into local, national and international society through non-damaging use. The first goal is now realised to the point where centuries of succession have to run their course, and the second goal is in place, experienced, and generally running about as well as can be expected given the overall political, historical and economic state of Costa Rica. Save an acre in Guanacaste!

Junglepax is your one-stop-shop for getting trees to curb your own environmental impact in an easy and fun way. Collect and share trees with friends! Junglepax supports only Four-Star environmental causes ensuring your money is making the biggest difference.
When you buy trees on for 2.50 EUR each you get:

• 5m2 tropical rainforest
• 20% to urgent global aid
• Profile page, certificates and awards.
Everything is included in each sale. Get jungle!

Fundación del Rio (The river foundation) is a non-governmental organization working for environmental changes in Nicaragua, on a non-profit basis. It was formed in February 1990 in San Carlos, Nicaragua. Fundación del Rio is the first environmental organization in the Rio San Juan area and currently has offices in the municipalities of San Carlos, San Miguelito and El Castillo.
Among the objectives for Fuandación del Rio are:
-To defense, protect and restore the natural tropical ecosystems of Southeastern Nicaragua.
-To promote and support the validity and effectiveness of the legal framework that guarantees environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources.
-Encourage the use of alternative technologies with the participation of the population and contribute to the environmental knowledge of the people.

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