Bad Oil

The African Palms produce high-quality oil and is one of the main mono-crops in Nicaragua. The plantation-process started up in 1982 aimed at boosting the nation’s production. The idea was to incorporate people into a state-run project, with involvement from farmers organized into cooperatives…
Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Today the reality is different. In this film Fidel Martínez Ríos at Fundacion del Rio guides you through the palm oil plantations in Nicaragua.


The people on the countryside in Central America has produced their own natural medicines from generation to generation for decades. And it’s all thanks to the forest. Did you know, for example, that headache can be cured by mixing two kinds of leafs together with a zip of “mountain rum”? And compared to traditional western pills the cost is incomparable.

But what would happen if the forest disappeared? Visit the doctors lodge by clicking play.

Holy Land

What´s the price you pay for defending the forest and your lands resources? Father Andrés Tamayo Cortez, the leader of the independent organisation MAO, knows. Four times he's been threatened to his life, and four times he's been forced to flee his country.
But with God on his side, he and his compañeros continues to put pressure on the government and the wood-companies. But due to his dedication and vast influence he has now been expelled for an unknown future.


Tourism produces more income to the society in Costa Rica than all agriculture and industry put together. The nature, the insects and all the unique vegetation, are the main reasons people travel there. And the warm climate of course.
But right now the remaining forest is melting like snow in a spring wind. Daniel Janzen at Area de Conservacion Guanacaste talks about the best way to save it. Why is it important to save it? Is there still hope? Click play and find out.


Why do we need the rainforest?


Where should I buy rainforest?


Is there hope?

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